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2 years-31-33 months
$225 weekly rate
Our Toddler Room is always fun and exciting because it is a room full of two-year-olds.  Our teachers are amazing, kind, and fun.  They teach the toddlers manners, patience (to a certain level), sharing, and even squeeze in dancing, lesson plans, and projects.  
Our toddlers go outside into their own special playground and get to run off some of their energy in the outdoors.  They try and do this when the weather cooperates but let's be honest we live in Northern Minnesota, so does it ever cooperate?
Our toddler room is connected to a bathroom so they are able to start potty training when the child and parents are ready. 
The kids sit at the table on chairs, eat from plates with silverware, and sleep on cots for naptime.
The kids move up from this room into preschool and are prepared for more circle time, playing with friends, and a bit more structure to their day!

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