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6 weeks-1 year
$250weekly rate
Our infant room is a very special place that babies come for hugs, love, and cuddles.  We encourage growth through social interactions and relationships.  We give them lots of attention and the room is special because it feels a bit like home.  We have consistent and reliable staff that are able to build strong connections with our babies so they know they are cared for and all their needs are met.  
We also have a great space for naptime that is connected by a door with a cozier feel for sleeping.  Each child has an individual crib while they are here and we play soft music, provide sleep swaddles or sacks, and use safe sleep practices.
We provide Pampers Sensitive Wipes,  rice cereal/oatmeal/or mixed grains, and fruits and vegetables.  Families are responsible for formula/breastmilk, diapers, and extra clothes.  
We do have a washer and dryer, so we try not to send soiled clothes home with our parents. 
We also have a dishwasher/sanitizer so all bottles are cleaned every evening.
Our rooms are clean, organized (maybe not during the day when the kids are playing), and the carpets are shampooed often.
Please contact us with any questions or for space availability.

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