31-33 months-summer before Kindergarten
$225 weekly rate
Our preschool room is an amazing place filled with learning, fun, love, and kindness.  Our teachers are focused on teaching the kids all of the skills needed to get ready for Kindergarten.  We do circle time, curriculum, projects, free play, structured play, singing, dancing, reading, writing, coloring, outdoor play, and so much more.  The kids love our preschool room!
We utilize multiple spaces throughout the day to encourage different approaches and to help focus the curriculum for the older preschoolers.  We use Early Learning Success and change our curriculum themes weekly.  We currently have coaches helping us improve our teaching methods and are always taking training to continue to improve.
We find it very important at this age to continue to let the kids play.  We do use this time to encourage positive interactions, building relationships with other kids, manners, and kindness.
Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our preschool room.