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1 year-2 years
$250 weekly rate
Our Tiny Tots Room is the newest addition to our center.  We have found it amazing to be able to give this age group a bit more freedom and more room to play.  The Tiny Tots start to learn to sleep on cots, eat with silverware (sometimes), drink from sippy cups, and get ready for the Toddler Room.  
Each child is encouraged to build confidence in their individual abilities and personalities.  We provide lots of social and emotional support and encourage growth through free play and also semi-structured play.  We introduce a little more structured curriculum including projects with the kids.  We teach them basic sign language to bridge the communication gap that this room can often see.
Our rooms are clean, organized (maybe not during the day when the kids are playing), and the carpets are shampooed often.
Please contact us with any questions or for space availability.

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