Tough Dropoffs

All parents know how hard it can be to drop off your kids at daycare before you head to work (unless it is one of THOSE days, where you can't wait to drop them off). It makes it even harder when your kid is crying or screaming when they get dropped off. They have a way with pulling at those heart strings and really making us want to grab them, bring them home, and cuddle all day long instead of going to work.

Here are some helpful tips to make this transition seamless, from all of us on the other end of the drop off:

1. Have confidence that we love and care for your child to our greatest abilities while they are in our care. If you have confidence that they are going to have a great day, they will feel and believe that too.

2. Have a consistent and quick goodbye. Give your kids a hug and a kiss, tell them who will be coming to pick them up and when, and then wave goodbye. Staying and cuddling or telling them that you wish you didn't have to go only makes the goodbye harder on everyone. I can almost guarantee that by the time you are out in your car, the teacher has successfully distracted your child and they are on their way to a great day.

3. Be consistent in their schedule. The more often the kids come, the better relationships they are able to build with teachers and other children. Be consistent in their schedule so they know what to expect and when to expect it.

4. It takes time! Please remember that kids that haven't been in daycare or have been with mom, dad, or other family aren't used to this environment. It takes time for them to get used to coming to daycare where they play, learn, and interact with so many other kids and teachers. One day you will look back at the hard drop off days and will be amazed that they ever happened. Some day you might even have a hard time to get your kids to go home at night! (Maybe my next article should be about how to get your kid home from daycare at night.)

5. Talk about daycare at home. Get them excited for the toys, friends, and teachers that are at daycare. This will help to build their excitement to come to the center for the day! We have so many fun and exciting things that the kids do during the day, so let us know if you need help with ideas on how to get them pumped to come.

6. Enjoy. They are only little once and they love you so much, so you can secretly enjoy a little bit of the sadness they have when you leave (as long as you don't let them see). :)

We really want to help, but in the end, you are their parent and we will always respect your approach. Please let us know if we can help in any way or if you would like to do anything different. Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us and helping us all to create a smooth, seamless transition for your kids.

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